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Which Plugin, and how?
I have a PPKG file that I would like to have automatically detected during a windows 10 installation.

The current process is as follows:
Boot Windows 10 with Ventoy
When the OOBE screen comes up, we insert the USB stick with the PPKG file
Windows 10 completes its final configuration

What I would like to do:
Boot Windows 10 with Ventoy
Choose the PPKG file (or perhaps an autounattend.xml?)
Windows 10 installs/completes on its own

I know there is a plugin to do unattended installations, but I haven't found a way to "inject" the PPKG.

Any advice or direction is appreciated.
Ventoy is on a USB stick also, can you put the PPKG file in the Ventoy USB stick?

Ventoy does have a "injection" plugin, the files will be injected to the Windows PE enviroment (e.g. X:\Windows\)
If you put it on the stick, then (I believe) it will *always* use it (which I don't necessarily want).

I have seen the injection plugin, but I don't know where I would "inject" a PPKG to make Windows recognize it. I assume I would have to zip up the PPKG so it can be extracted to somewhere, I just don't know where. According to what I have seen, it requires customizing install.wim, and I'm trying to just use Ventoy and the plugins to accomplish this so I can use the generic unmodified ISO files for Windows 10.

Any suggestions for where I would try to inject the PPKG? (And am I correct that I need to zip it?)
For Windows, Ventoy will decompress the file at X:
You could us Ventoy Auto Installation Plugin, there you can choose which XML-file you want to use


you could integrate the autounattend.xml directly into the image. The process is described at
I always put the autounattend.xml into the root of the ISO and it picks it up while booting.
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