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【Solved】Linux vDisk Boot Plugin -set my_vdisk_path-
Thanks for your nice how2


It worked for me creating a mint20 vdi.vtoy

which runs perfect from my ventoy usb drive.
Ventoy sees this vdi.vtoy and i can boot from usb menu.

you said to boot from hd

Add a menu like follows to ventoy_grub.cfg, only need to change


to the absolute path of the actual file (from the root of that partition).
menuentry "Boot My Linux VHD" {   
    set my_vdisk_path="/VHD/mylinux.vhd.vtoy"
    if search -n -s vdiskhd -f "$my_vdisk_path"; then
        vtoyboot_common_func "($vdiskhd)$my_vdisk_path"
        echo "$my_vdisk_path not found"

Which HD do i have to define [i]set my_vdisk_path="/VHD/mylinux.vhd.vtoy"[/i]
or is this just the absolute path on any connected HD and vtoy looks @ all HDs?

And do i need to define [i]my_vdisk_path[/i]

my_vdisk_path is just the absolute path, you don't need to specify which HD.
Because it use search command to enumerate all the partitions to find the file.
For example:

You only need to make sure that this absolte path is unique.
have seen that when playing further with vdi.vtoy

an essential step seems to NOT install vbox GUESTadditions

u said that by not mentioning the additions.....

Stupid me

gracias don longpanda

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