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Is this a bug in LInux upgrade to v1.0.27
Is this a bug in LInux upgrade to v1.0.27?

The USB is an 8GB USB V2.0 unit with its ISOs in partititon #1 and Ventoy on partition #2. Mount command message suggest a bug???
root# ./ -u /dev/sde
      Ventoy: 1.0.27
Upgrade operation is safe, all the data in the 1st partition (iso files and other) will be unchanged!

Update Ventoy  1.0.20 ===> 1.0.27   Continue? (y/n)y
mount-FULL: /initrd/mnt/dev_save/boot-isos/Ventoy/ventoy-1.0.27-linux/tmp_mnt: special device /dev/sde2 does not exist.

Update Ventoy to /dev/sde successfully finished.

For the use of the "upgrade" ventoy command, is there documentation on its use? It is a "blind" command with NO evidence of whether the prior created ventoy commands was used on the upgrade. How is a user to know if the UEFI feature continues on the USB unit?

Any documentation on proper use of upgrade would be useful in understanding its outcome. The command (CMD) option is present in help, but NOTHING exist of its proper use when past multiple ventoy options were used to originally create the Ventoy USB unit.

Further, if the unit was created months ago and any user cannot remember what options was used, is Ventoy capable of knowing what those options were and preserve them as it upgrades the Ventoy USB unit?

Thanks in advance for any help
Smile Happy to learn how to ...

Any answers?
Smile Happy to learn how to ...
With latest release, you can use  -l  /dev/sdX  to  display the Ventoy information in the disk.

Ony -s option can be used for upgrade, all the other options are ignored when update Ventoy.

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