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Does not start Windows PE Gandalf Redstone 5
Most time cannot boot. Even at time boot successfully using F1 option. Most program in Gandalf's Windows 10PE x64 Redstone 5 fails to run. At first I though is a Gandalf's Windows 10PE x64 Redstone 5 problem so I use one standalone USB stick and rufus-3.13 to convert iso to USB. It runs fine.

(11-28-2020, 10:22 AM)bashfulbutcherblade Wrote: RE: Windows 10 Gandalf [...]

I would advise caution in the downloading and using of such an "OS." Many of these are filled with trojans/rootkits. While I've never used said OS in the OP, I still advise extreme caution.

I apologize if this post sounds off-topic, but I'd hate to see people using something unofficial which could potentially harbor malware. Malware, which usually is not detected by scanners, most of those being proprietary themselves and easily bypassed by baked in rootkit(s).

The virus is mostly coming from portable apps. Just remove some of these apps and you will be fined. OS itself has no issue.

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