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advanced boot options
Venty allows booting as standard and also with the "persistent" option.

However, it is often necessary to add other options. I have not found an explanation on how to do it.
Perhaps I have searched the documentation poorly.
But I fear that this is a very regretful oversight.

Remember by making an installation medium with only the dd command, it is possible to press the e key and introduce a lot of options often necessary to successfully boot.
A list of some  useful parameters
There are 2 phases when you use Ventoy to boot an ISO file.
Take CentOS for example.

Phase 1:
Ventoy's boot menu is shown, you can choose the CentOS iso file.

Phase 2:
When you choose CentOS iso file and press Enter. CentOS's original boot option will be shown.
This is 100% original boot menu and style of CentOS. 
So here you can press e or tab key to edit the boot option as you want.

PS: When I test CentOS with Ventoy, I always press e or tab to edit its boot menu (remove the quiet oiption to show more detailed log).

Remember that, when you use Ventoy to boot an ISO file, it's just like that you burn the ISO file to an CD disk and boot it with a physical optical drive.

Thank you for your reply.
By pressing the "e" key, I can add options.
However, when confirming, pressing the "F10" key has no effect and pressing the "Crtl x" keys has the only result
to display again the option grid.

This is surprising because as standard (with the "dd" command) I use the "Crtl x" keys to validate the addition of my options.
I can't reproduce the problem.

I test a CentOS7 iso file in my laptop
press e key to remove the quiet option,  and use F10 or Ctrl+X to start, it works fine, it boot with detailed log as expect.
In order to better seek the problem, I have just installed the new version which allows to reserve a user space for future personal use.

I managed to simplify the problem as much as possible by renaming the ventoy directory which manages persistence

I still cannot introduce a personal option with the ubuntu 20.04 version because no boot choice is offered to me. So I can't add a personal option to it.
ISO quality control starts immediately. This is followed by the proposal to choose the language, the keyboard, etc.

I noticed that if I did the same thing with the ubuntu version 18.04.1, after having validated the ventoy grid, the grid of the menu of choice of actions to do (which allows to install or to try) is proposed. I can then change the options without difficulty.

I noticed that version 18.04 is based on this command  /casper/initrd.lz
while version 20.04 is based on this command /casper/initrd

I also noticed that your script is testing the presence of /casper/initrd   but not the presence of /casper/initrd.lz

I test ubuntu-20.04-desktop-amd64.iso (MD5: ea28c4fd933be55f9f01a5fa9e868490) with Ventoy-1.0.14 in my lenovo laptop.

Legacy BIOS:
It's OK. When select the iso and boot it. I can press ESC and F6 to add some option to the cmdline.

In my laptop it indeed directly boot into the system, but in Vmware VM it works fine.
Ubunut-18.04 works fine on both my laptop and VM.
I need to do some research about the problem.

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