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[SOLVED] Modified Win10 iso (add ei.cfg) leads to EFI error

So, Ventoy seems to be working fine with untouched Windows 10 ISO, but if I modify the ISO by adding the ei.cfg into the sources folder, the iso won't boot with the following error:

ASSERT_EFI_ERROR (Status = Invalid Parameter)
ASSERT [Ventoy] /home/share/Ventoy/EDKII/edk5-edk2-stable201911/MdePkg/Library/UefiMemoryAllocationLib/MemoryAllocationLib.c(813): !EFI_ERROR (Status)
No bootfile found for UEFI!
Maybe the image does not support X64 UEFI!

I saw this error in some other searches from google, but no response. I was wondering, is there something that needs to be done to make the iso properly bootable?

I used this guide to make the modified ISO:

It works when I use rufus to write the iso to a usb stick (my current Windows install was done with this modified ISO, before I discovered Ventoy). Also, when I mount both then use Beyond Compare to diff the 2 mounted drives, only the ei.cfg is different. There must be some structure type thing for ISOs I don't know about? Any suggestions?

You can test this ISO with a virtual machine(e.g. Vmware/VirtualBox).
Connect the iso directly and change the VM to UEFI mode and boot it to check whether it can boot normally.
I also add the EI.cfg to the "sources" folder and have no problems

I use UltraISO to edit the ISO
I was able to solve the problem by using another method to create the ISO. It was as I guessed, there was something weird about the boot stuff. The guide I used with imgburn doesn't seem to work with win10 images. I used some other suggestions from the page below and was able to create a proper bootable ISO. I tested it in ventoy and it booted fine.


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