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best way to format a pen drive after using Ventoy?
How do i format the pen drive that has Ventoy on it in order to use it for other purposes?  Is there a special mode to format the same.  Simple format from windows does not get rid of all the traces of Ventoy.  Please advise!  Is a painstaking low level format required?
you mean you didn't like ventoy and want it back as it was before or you want to try to store stuff as well as use it ?

basically if you want it back as a store usb then from linux you can use gparted : new partition table , then new primary partition say fat32 , with label say "spare" and hey presto its a usb for drag and drop again.

When playing with mine i did find some stuff got added to partition 1 and ventoy ignored it ; so in theory say with a 14 -16 gig stick you could have 4 or 5 iso's and maybe another folder with txt files for notes?
Ventoy is a super tool!!

But if you like to dismiss it --> for Windows:
All currently supported versions

1) Detach target drive
2) Start, diskpart
3) LIST  DISK - note the disk #'s for the drives that are currently attached
4) Attach target drive
5) LIST DISK - make a note of the disk # that was not present before - this must be the target drive that was just attached
6) SELECT DISK n - where n is the disk # of the target drive
7) CLEAN - this logically erases the drive (file system data, partition data) so the drive now has no partitions and is all free space; takes about 10 seconds; or
7a) CLEAN  ALL - this physically erases the drive - data cannot be recovered by any PC undelete/unformat utility; draw back is depending on size of drive and speed of machine, it may run for hours
There is a "Clear Ventoy" option since 1.0.15

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