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[Tested] Greenie Linux 20.04 KDE amd64 tested
(06-13-2020, 11:19 AM)dickw Wrote: I succesfully tested livecd Greenie Linux 20.04 KDE amd64 on Ventoy 1.0.12...
I think it based on Linux Kubuntu (during installation show logo Kubuntu)...
Boot: Legacy BIOS
Laptop: Lenovo Z51

With or without persistence? If with persistence please post your venjoy.json to provide a working example as the author's example has bugs (space after word persistence before : and possibly others).  I tried 4 different distro's and 1 won't boot at all with or without persistence..the other 3 give me the menu option for persistence which argues the json is ok but don't retain any settings.

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RE: Greenie Linux 20.04 KDE amd64 tested - by famewolf - 06-13-2020, 04:32 PM

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