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Multiple W7 iso does't work

I have an issue with ventoy 1.0.12.

My multiple Windows 7 x64 iso (home basic, premium, pro., ultimate) with USB 3.0 driver doesn't work, it show after loaded the files an error message:

winload.exe could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrumpt (see pic. 1).
I have similar error message on EUFI but with winload.efi this time.

If I try to boot only with the boot.wim file, the setup begin but I have the pop up:
A CD/DVD driver is mising.. (On Intel Z97, Even on USB 2.0 port).

This iso work with yumi multiple windows installer bootmgr or wimboot option (see pic. 2).
I think the problem is to Ventoy doesn't support any multiple Windows 7 iso.

On Ventoy, single W7 iso and multiple W10 iso work well.

Tested on old intel laptop (BIOS), intel Z97 desktop (BIOS + UEFI) and virtualbox vm.

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Multiple W7 iso does't work - by Skyfly19 - 06-11-2020, 07:20 AM
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