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[SOLVED] Ventoy BOOT Problem - GRUB Error
After some follow-up work, it seems to be a VENTOY vs BiOS issue of some sort with GRUB being the item that seems to notice the anomaly.  I built a 64gB UFD (USB Flash Disk), a 128gB SSD (old one), a 320gB HDD, a 500gB HDD and a 1tB HDD... those were the only options I had to play with when testing this.  All of these options worked in a 2011 vintage LENOVO laptop and anything newer I could get may hands on.

The HP8510p laptop mentioned above is of a 2008 vintage with a final BiOS installed of 2011 vintage.  VENTOY fails to BOOT (with the unseen GRUB error mentioned above) on any of the mentioned USB storage devices larger than 128gB with the HP8510p.  I would love to know if I'm stuck with this limitation or whether the GRUB in use by VENTOY can be "modified" to handle the issue.  As always, thanks for any input the Forum may have.

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RE: Ventoy BOOT Problem - GRUB Error - by FroggieTheGremlin - 10-03-2020, 05:19 PM

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