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How to MBR-boot to Ventoy from grub2
If ventoy grub2 boot code is not installed to the USB drive, how can I boot to Ventoy from another grub2 menu as there is no Ventoy core.img file present?

  1. Prepare USB drive with partition 1 and partition 2
  2. standard grub2 is installed on USB drive
  3. copy ventoy files from a ventoy USB drive to partition 2
  4. MBR-boot to standard grub2 menu
  5. Choose a grub2 menu entry to boot to Ventoy MBR grub2 on the second partition

if I get core.img.xz and extract core.img and use
multiboot (hd0,2)/ventoy/core.img
it hangs.

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How to MBR-boot to Ventoy from grub2 - by Steve2926 - 08-28-2020, 12:00 PM

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