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Request: Auto skip main menu in X seconds for unattended Win 10 installation

I use a custom Windows 10 installation Iso, that I created, for continuous unattended installation.
I need my Disk-On-Key to be plugged in during the whole process, untill the end of installation,
so that my bundled software would be automatically installed, after the first Windows Desktop appears.
When installing Windows 10 the PC normally restarts 1-3 times during installation.
This brings about the Ventoy Iso menu and halts all further installtion, untill pressing F4
and choosing "Boot from 1st hard disk" to continue installation. It has to be done 1-3 times.
Untill now I've used YUMI for building my Windows 10 installation Iso on Disk-On-Key.

YUMI has a default action of automatic skipping of its main menu, after X seconds
and continuing to boot from 1st hard disk, in case The PC restarts over and over again.
This option enables me not to be present during the whole process of installation of Windows 10,
making it possible to enjoy totally unattended installation.
It would be very useful to have this option for anyone, not just for Windows 10 Installation users.

For example: you might consider making the default choice on the first row saying:
"Continue booting from 1st hard Disk in X seconds" (letting me decide how many X seconds would be).
If you move down (Keyboard DOWN arrow) the choice to any of the subsequent Iso's,
then the timer would stop automatically, but if no choice is made,
then the PC would bypass this menu to continue booting from 1st hard disk.

Can you please make such an option available for Ventoy ?

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