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Injection plugin issue with W7 driver

I have an issue the injection plugin.

I had created 1 folder sources with another folder $OEM$ into a zip archive according to the documentation.

I can inject the USB 3.0 driver (intel +asmedia) into my W7 iso, see the new driver folder on my vm (pic 1 without plugin & pic 2 with it) and select them on "browse driver" section (pic 3)

But if I am trying it on my physical pc by pluging my USB key on a 3.0 port, I can't use my keyboard, mouse and my USB key stop to be powered when the W7 iso was loaded.

The new injection plugin should inject and load the driver immediately when the iso was loaded ? Or he just adding an folder for choose them later ?

Tested in Intel Z97 desktop (BIOS + UEFI) and a virtualbox vm.

Thank's in advance

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Injection plugin issue with W7 driver - by Skyfly19 - 07-24-2020, 04:40 PM

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