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Ventoy USB creates with Windows. Can I update with Linux version?
(07-24-2020, 06:00 AM)longpanda Wrote: 1. That's OK.  The USB drive was created by Windows's Version of Ventoy, you can also update it with Linux version of Ventoy. The reverse is the same.
2. GPT partition style will be kept after update, no need to set option.  But for Secure Boot Support you must use -s option in Linux version to update.
    That's    sh  -u -s /dev/sdb

Supergrub2 sounds good. 
But the secure boot solution in Ventoy need to be redesigned. It wil follow the original intention of secure boot.
Only boot those .efi loader with valid signatures.
Thanks for your upgrade directive. That explains the Linux upgrade pathway. 
Question: If I use the Windows pathway, would I nave to re-enter the options tab for Secure Boot to be continued?

My SuperGRUB2 ISO solution is NOT a request for Ventoy to change. Its merely a way for using Secureboot enabled Ventoy to have an ISO which will Boot ISOs SG2D finds that are NOT secureboot enabled. The SG2D iISO provides a workaround and adds a dimension to Ventoy that others may not have discovered.

Thanks again for all the EXCELLENT work you do as well as the clarity of your answers
Smile Happy to learn how to ...

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