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Some suggestions
(07-11-2020, 07:11 AM)renatofrota Wrote: First of all, Ventoy is awesome!  Heart

Congratulations for the project and a big THANK YOU for publishing it for free under GPL license. Big Grin

4. I have been playing with Chrome OS (Brunch Framework, to be more precise) and one of their install options is to create a disk image (.img) in a ext4 or ntfs partition and boot from it by adding to grub an entry like this:

menuentry "Chrome OS"{
        search --no-floppy --set=root --file $img_path
        loopback loop $img_path
        linux (loop,gpt7)/kernel boot=local noresume noswap loglevel=7 disablevmx=off \
            cros_secure cros_debug loop.max_part=16 img_part=$img_part img_path=$img_path
        initrd (loop,gpt7)/initramfs.img

I have added it to the grub install I already have on another disk and it worked fine but it would be cool if Ventoy allowed custom entries like this to be added to it's own grub manually, so we could boot Chrome OS (and other images similarly) with no need to have grub in another disk.

thanks for the info on brunch !
I am considering it now and it's great to know that it can boot from a ventoy usb key !! Smile

but, if I may dare, I have a couple of questions :
. is the above grub configuration still needed now that ventoy can boot CloudReady or FydeOS .img files ?
. another question not related to ventoy : can you use your usb stick with a single brunch .img file on different computers ? or is the brunch .img file attached to a single hardware/computer ?? => no, I tried and you have to re-setup a brunch usb stick when putting it in another PC computer.

thanks a lot for your feedback/help !!

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