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【Solved】Boot options through ventoy.json ?
Hello and thank you for this great tool ! It really meets a need, and in such an elegant way.

My question is somehow related to the recent "advanced boot options" thread. Having no technical skills to understand Ventoy internals or json stuff, I was amazed at the persistence plugin, because it manages to boot as if a "persistent" option had been passed.
As you pointed, user can always enter boot options after ISO has been launched, and probably must do so to *remove* options (like "quiet"); but it can be a crippling task for beginners, moreover if they have to enter the options with the wrong keyboard layout ! So, when making a "multi-distros demo key" with Ventoy, I dream I could just edit ventoy.json to pass something like : "locale=fr_BE console-setup/layoutcode=be" and/or "toram".
Would it be possible in a future release ?

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【Solved】Boot options through ventoy.json ? - by rr-belgium - 06-30-2020, 01:40 PM

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