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 My manager has restricted my use of Ventoy.
"Exclamation 04-02-2024, 05:01 PM (This post was last modified: 04-02-2024, 05:03 PM by
I've been utilizing Ventoy for an extended period; however, my manager has recently restricted my use of the tool due to concerns with UEFI certification. He claims that Ventoy enrolls a custom certificate and replaces the original UEFI certificate on our client PCs and laptops. Consequently, he is compelling me to revert to using Rufus. Would anyone be able to offer assistance? Huh

PS :why Rufus have no Problem using UEFI ?"

Is this not a serious issue making Ventoy unsafe to use?

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RE: My manager has restricted my use of Ventoy. - by SmackDown - 04-12-2024, 12:43 PM

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