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 Loading WinToGo from an encrypted BitLocker VHDX
Hello. I managed to modify the ventoy_vhdboot.img so that it can boot encrypted BitLocker VHDX. However, this currently only works for my VHDX. 
Perhaps you could make this a universal solution!?

What I did:

    I created a Windows To Go (WTG) drive with BitLocker encryption following the instructions provided in the article "To enable BitLocker during provisioning" (

    I connected the WTG.vhdx to a Hyper-V virtual machine using Windows 11 and added a boot entry to BCD using the command: "bcdboot W:\windows", where W is the mounted and unlocked WTG.vhdx.

    After that, I merged and cleaned up the BCD in the ventoy_vhdboot.img.

    I also updated the bootx64.efi in the efi.img using the one from Windows 11. Without this step, it prompted for a password but decryption didn't occur.

If you're interested, I can send you my ventoy_vhdboot.img via email or another method. I can't upload it here due to its size.

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Loading WinToGo from an encrypted BitLocker VHDX - by spirtman96 - 04-01-2024, 06:45 AM

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