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 Linux installation: GUI says success, stderr says CRITICAL
Steve suggested:
try a different USB drive?

Well, this 64GB Samsung is exactly the model ThioJoe recommended in the Youtube video.  In any case, I had previously done this on a 32GB PNY drive that one is also an empty disk labeled VENTOY.  And, come to think of it, the process went entirely too fast for anything useful to have been done.

Important correction!  I was able to start the GUI this time without a password and those two error messages came up on the terminal window about the same time as the dialog box came up, not at the end of the operation.

Also of note: I tried both ways, with and without support for Secure Boot. (I've disabled Secure Boot in my BIOS on this box.)  Same result.
Looks successful but it's lying to me - the device is empty.  Like I said, not even a boot sector!  Angry

This is now a vendetta for me, since I already have boot-USB's for the rescue operations I may need.  But it would be SO much nicer to have them all on one device.

Again open to ideas here.

-- Jake S.

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