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 Ventoy modifies MBR? Bricked USB drive
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Status update:

  1. I ran ventoy with the Acronis services stopped.  No error but it still seemed to be a totally empty drive.
  2. I gave up in Windows and ran the Linux version of Ventoy.  The results looked similar and I was about to give up.  But...
  3. Running the "disks" utility from the Linux "Start" menu I discovered that there is indeed a boot partition on the USB drive.  Still withing Linux, I copied a bunch of downloaded .iso files from my Windows partition to the Ventoy drive, as directed by  ThioJoe in the video.
  4. I shut down the system and rebooted with the USB in place:  VOILA! A boot menu with a bunch of useful emergency boot systems, like 2 versions of Hirens, Norton emergency boot, etc.
I don't know if I would have been successful with the Windows version but without a partition utility in Windows I could not tell there was anything there.

Note: I have marked the subject line SOLVED.

Thank you for the suggestions. [Image: thumbsup.png]

-- Jake S

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SOLVED: Ventoy modifies MBR? Bricked USB drive - by jakesalomon - 02-23-2023, 05:11 PM

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