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Run vdi from grub 2 with vdiskchain
Hi all speaking from Italy ,

I did a vdi disk and install an virtualbox arch distribution ( endevarous Apollo ) , follow the documentation I installed vtoy2boot , then using vdiskchain I was able to boot my .vdi disk virtualbox from grub2 of my desktop pc for two months.

Now  , after an arch update/upgrade , I'm non able again to run my vdi disk from grub but only using virtualbox from my ubuntu linux system.

If I try to run .vdi from grub2 i have a message like :

Not bootfile found for UEFI !

Maybe the image does not support 64 bit UEFI

(see picture attached)

Note if I use other .vdi file in my hard disk , I'm able to boot from grub2

i googled around but I never found an error like this for ventoy/grub2

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Run vdi from grub 2 with vdiskchain - by GiGiRock - 10-09-2022, 07:46 PM
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