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Windows 10 legacy mode setup problem
(10-01-2022, 08:38 AM)Steve2926 Wrote: Maybe use Rufus to put the ISO onto the 1TB drive and see if you have any problems?

I am still not clear about which Windows Install ISOs fail on the 1TB drive in Legacy mode and which ISOs are OK?
If some Windows ISOs work and some Windows ISOs fail - then which ones are they and what is their size?
I just did this test, I got another HD now with a total size of 500GB, with ventoy in the ventoy-1.0.80 version, in legacy mode, in the second menu, normal mode does not start the installation of windows, in winboot mode, it does not let you create partitions giving error as I had already done the tests before, in efi mode it starts normal, as it happened with 1TB HD in the same way both.
Now I took Rufus and marked MBR, the photo is attached, I created the disk with rufus and it works normally in legacy mode.
Windows 10 ISO 21H2 10,257,891,328 bytes

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