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Windows 10 legacy mode setup problem
Could anyone help me with this problem, has anyone seen something similar?
I'm using seagate 1TB external HD, I have windows 10 iso modified by ntlite that I use every day.
If I try to install Windows in Legacy mode, it stops at the second menu screen and does not go beyond it, other times it simply appears a black screen and does not come out of it, rare times it passes and the installation begins, but it is only possible to delete partitions, create partitions presents mistake.
But if you boot via EFI mode, it works normally either option.
The problem only happens in legacy mode.
Has anyone had this kind of problem?
I tested with the versions ventoy-1.0.80 and ventoy-1.0.79
(error to create partition only presents if using wimboot option)

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Windows 10 legacy mode setup problem - by jlsupremo - 09-30-2022, 12:01 PM

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