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Cannot access Partition 1 under Linux .vtoy
Firstly you need to understand how Ventoy plugin multi-mode configuration works.

For all Ventoy plugins, XXX and XXX_legacy/XXX_uefi is a mutually exclusive relationship rather than an integrated relationship.
That is to say, for each boot time either XXX section take effect or XXX_legacy/XXX_uefi take effect.

Actually the logic is very simple (also very simple for code implement). Take control plugin in Legacy BIOS mode for example:
If control_legacy exists, then only control_legacy section will be parsed, and all the configurations in control section will be ignored. if control_legacy doesn't exist, then 
control section will be parsed. 

That is to say, once you active control_legacy section, then you need to set all the configurations in control_legacy section because they will NOT be integrated from control section.

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