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mod Ventoy (Design ventoy ventoy 1.0.79)
I wrote above
There are two "ISO" and "ventoy" directories in the "ventoy-mod_1.0.79/plugin" directory. Copy them to your USB flash drive. See how the flash drive works. You should get the following: video of the menu operation see. Add/replace your images in the ISO folder. Edit the ventoy file.json for your images, themes, icons...In the MS Windows I recommend an editing program - "notepad++".

I repeat, download my_mod again. Unpack it. There's my ventoy.json on the way:
Unlike the original, I have tip1...tip7 support, see at the end of the file.

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RE: mod Ventoy (Design ventoy ventoy 1.0.79) - by AlexBryansk - 12-03-2022, 06:45 PM

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