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Multiple partitions to use the drive for other things

Quote:Copy Image files
After the installation is complete, the USB drive will be divided into 2 partitions. The 1st partition was formated with exFAT filesystem (You can also reformat it manually with NTFS/FAT32/UDF/XFS/Ext2/3/4 ... See Notes). You just need to copy iso files to this partition. You can place the iso/wim/img/vhd(x) files any where. Ventoy will search all the directories and subdirectories recursively to find all the image files and list them in the boot menu alphabetically. Also you use plugin configuration to tell Ventoy only to search for image files in a fixed directory (and its subdirectories).

Just remember that Windows Format will not format a partition larger than 32GB, so you will have to use a 3rd party app Like EaseUS Home Partition Master.
Also the largest file you can put on a FAT32 partition is 4GB, so some large Windows Install ISOs and Linux ISOs wont fit.

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