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No Readme file in program?
I'm just trying out Ventoy 78 to work with a multi-ISO install of 2 Win10 and 3 Linux distros on a 32 GB USB stick. There is no Readme file in the program for basic instructions. If not for the reviews I saw (before coming here), I wouldn't know the procedure for properly using Ventoy successfully or what options I had, or why the Plugins or Link exe's would be useful. Had I not had an old WinXp machine to come here I would've been hoping for the best to make it work (and that wasn't what happened the 1st 2 times). I've got it now, but really, it doesn't take much to write up a page of text for such an important util to help the user out. So, please, in the next update it would be great to see one. Thank you! Jo Cool

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No Readme file in program? - by Jopower - 07-17-2022, 08:49 AM
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