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Suggestions: Copy files to \ventoy + format button
When making a new Ventoy drive or updating a ventoy drive, it would be most convenient if there was a button to automatically add VentoyPlugson files and download and add plugins to the \ventoy folder.

e..g.  in Ventoy2Disk.exe - add new button for:

'Add utilities and plugin files to \ventoy folder'

This would mean we would have the correct version of ventoyplugson and the latest  wim/vhd plugins and scripts on the USB drive.

It makes it easier to find and run VentoyPlugson and scripts.

Also, add button to  Ventoy2Disk.exe to format main partition (can just call Windows format program), so that we can easily convert to NTFS and then click 'Add utilities' button to get utilities and plugin downloads.

Is this practical?

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Suggestions: Copy files to \ventoy + format button - by Steve2926 - 06-26-2022, 09:24 AM

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