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Ventoy + MSI B550 A-Pro = Corrupts UEFI Language
Just reporting that the same issue happens with YUMI ExFat which is based on Ventoy. I'm gonna clear CMOS in a few days just to see if it helps. Afterwards, I'll test if the issue persists from a factory default state (i.e no XMP, no tweaks) and report back. I don't think my BIOS is corrupt since the BIOS is fine without a Ventoy based USB stick inserted, but it's clear there's a possible memory leak being triggered and the common denominator seems to be ExFat partitions or my RAM ...

UPDATE: I forgot all about this video I made back on October 25th. As you can see, the Ventoy stick is inserted into a USB port (indicated in the boot order by a brighter shade of white) and no language corruption. This is all on a BETA version of their August BIOS. 


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RE: Ventoy + MSI B550 A-Pro = Corrupts UEFI Language - by BatRastard - 07-02-2022, 04:57 PM

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