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Ventoy loads minimal grub shell on UEFI
(03-28-2022, 02:58 PM)longpanda Wrote: You can not install Ventoy manually bu just create a partition.
You must use the standard Ventoy install program to install Ventoy.
Ventoy can not installed to a partition of a Disk.
Ventoy need to occupy the whole disk, so when you install Ventoy to a disk, it will clean all the data in the disk,  recreate partitions and format them.

I have lots of important data on my 2TB hard drive. I tried in another way. I installed it in my pendrive, took a backup of EFI partition with a program called "AOMEI Backupper" which is similar to Clonezilla. Then restored the pen drive partition to my hard drive and it still didn't work.
Is there any way to install Ventoy without not deleting all partitions?

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