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Windows VHD Plugin - Veracrypt Whole Disk Encryption
Is there a way to have a Windows VHD that is fully encrypted using Veracrypt. Veracrypt is a free, open source disk encryption software which you can use to encrypt your Windows installation. It is an FOSS alternative BitLocker.

I tried two different approaches and neither worked. I first tried to boot up the Windows VHD in Ventoy and install Veracrypt and encrypt the system. Before Veracrypt encrypts the system drive, it will do a test to ensure it will work by rebooting Windows and ensuring your prompted with the Veracrypt password page. I was not prompted with the password page, no matter how I setup the system drive encryption.

I also tried booting up the Windows VHD in VirtualBox and installed Veracrypt and encrypted the system. It worked in Virtualbox but when I copied that Windows VHD file onto my Ventoy drive and booted it up, I get a Windows bootloader error and I am unable to boot into Windows since it is unable to prompt me the Veracrypt boot loader to decrypt the system.

Any help will be most appreciated!

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Windows VHD Plugin - Veracrypt Whole Disk Encryption - by trymeout - 02-07-2022, 05:45 PM

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