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How to boot an ISO from ventoy_grub.cfg menu
The F6 menu extension allows us to have our own menu.

But how can we use the Ventoy functions to boot to an ISO?

For instance, if I use 'e' grub2 menu edit key when selecting an ISO - I can see the function call


So I would like to make a menu entry in ventoy_grub.cfg that calls this function with any ISO.

menuentry 'Boot Ubuntu' --class=custom {
     iso_common_menuentry "${vtoy_iso_part}/ISO/LINUX/010 Ubuntu v20.04.3 (64-bit).iso"

This does not quite work. Perhaps some other variable needs to be set?

Some more documentation on how to load  ISOs, VHDs, IMG, WIM etc. using Ventoy would be useful.

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How to boot an ISO from ventoy_grub.cfg menu - by Steve2926 - 10-19-2021, 07:21 PM

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