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Why won't Ventoy boot a Microsoft Windows 10 ISO file?
Hello everyone! I'm Khodor Salame. I recently downloaded Ventoy and used it to boot ISO files containing Knoppix Linux, and Microsoft Windows 7. However, Ventoy always fails to boot the Microsoft Windows 10 ISO file and then returns to the main Ventoy screen and freezes in black. I manually reformatted the primary partition to NTFS before copying the ISO files to my 128 gigabyte USB storage device. I also tested the Windows 10 ISO file using VMware Workstation Player and the installation worked perfectly. I don't understand why Ventoy always fails to boot the Windows 10 ISO file? Is this a software bug in Ventoy? Do I need to configure Ventoy? Does it matter if the Windows 10 ISO file contains multiple editions of Windows 10 such as x64/x86-bit architecture? Will this issue be fixed by next Ventoy software update? Thank you for your help and support.

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Why won't Ventoy boot a Microsoft Windows 10 ISO file? - by ksalame23 - 05-02-2021, 08:17 PM

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