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No problems, all success ..
Usually I only join forums if I run into problems seeking solutions. Once in a blue moon do I do this, which is join a forum to report full and complete success and to say thank you.
All ISO's I care about just worked right away(mixture of mbr, uefi, winpe, linux), something no other utility (except easy2boot which, really, uses ventoy) was able to achieve: multibootusb, Yumi, several others.
But that isn't why I'm posting. I'm posting because Ventoy is *elegant* and beautifully designed; in it's most basic form it's perfect for the most non-technical user, just put an ISO onto the visible drive, and it just works, nothing to run/execute! But then I looked at the "plugins" and they solved EVERY one of my "what if I have this more complex scenario?" needs: custom titles, order, theme, file overrides, uefi/mbr sensitization, on and on, all so easy to configure via json.

I have seen applications like Ventoy before and they all share one thing in common: their creator was a craftsman, loved his craft, and thus created beautiful things.
So: thank you Mr. Ventoy for an excellent utility !

Report of success with an ISO that isn't mentioned on the Ventoy compatibility list:
Macrium Rescue CD (linux version)

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No problems, all success .. - by aristo123 - 02-24-2021, 12:52 PM

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