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WinPE10 8 Sergei Strelec x86_x64 2021.01.05 EN [Tested]
(02-17-2021, 05:13 PM)lucdeluc1 Wrote: ah ok, you have to read carefully in site of Ventoy all about plugins, this is essential to boot all types of files, :
f you dont have this plugin , Ventoy cannot use .wim files , for that you cannot see them.
but as you can read in previous posts with Ventoy 1.0.35 i and others can boot perfectly strelec directly from iso without copy SSTR folder
Thanx Bro! Smile I don't read site about Ventoy plugins, my mistake Sad
Now I see strelec wim Smile
Note: if I boot strelec iso without SSTR folder (with Legacy/MBR) boot Strelec not run (menu screen is black).
UEFI boot work ok.

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