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Successfuly Complied on Ubuntu based distribution
So ...
You dont need the source but you definitely need to use gcc 7.5 for the i386-pc. There is a glitch with the compilation of the lzma- D compressor( ONLY i386-pc) it will all compile fine with 7.5 no issues. It will end up having over 120 MB of white space with 9.3
Yet You only need a few more Libraries that can be obtained with install not the build-dep ,the gigabyte Of sources. I WILL edit the above and tell you here Smile. Also not sure but I recommend adding make distroclean to the GRUB2 at the bottom its missing for i386-pc. Unless they update it.

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RE: Successfuly Complied on Ubuntu based distribution - by Premiere - 02-06-2021, 03:39 AM

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