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[SOLVED] Ventoy MBR only mode - is this possible ??
Greetings Longpanda and All.
I think Ventoy is absolutely wonderful.

If anyone can, please tell me how to get around this problem I ran across in trying to use it...?

I was helping a friend with his Linux PC;
His HDD was old & he bought a new 500GB HDD & asked me to transfer his stuff to it, so I went for a visit to his house to do that for him.

Using my wonderful Ventoy powered USB stick in his PC that is set up for normal MBR & BIOS booting, I tried starting GParted via Ventoy, and it somehow defaulted to UEFI mode, and then failed to boot.

I then chose PartedMagic via Ventoy instead, and it booted fine.

My query:
Is some way to make Ventoy absolutely never use or default to UEFI ??
(I only ever remove UEFI & GPT & 'secure boot' stuff from any PC that I touch as I don't do wintel stuff at all.)

Thanks for any help !!

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[SOLVED] Ventoy MBR only mode - is this possible ?? - by smallhagrid - 01-22-2021, 04:08 AM

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