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Best way to make a new VHD from a Windows 10 ISO
Thanks again, Premiere.

Ok, you're describing how to convert an image to another format. That is a handy tool indeed if you need it. In this thread I am still looking for any advice on on how to create such an image (in whatever format, e.g. VHD, VHDX) while I am working in my live system inside a running Windows 10 VHD booted by Ventoy. There I would like to take a new Windows 10 ISO that has been downloaded previously either by using the Microsoft's Media Creation Tool or directly using a download manager and prepare a new VHD that I can boot the next time using Ventoy so that I can abandon my existing VHD with a dated version of Windows 10 that I used to create the successor, most likely with a more modern version of Windows 10. But how to get this is still not resolved for me.

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