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I don't known how acronics trueimage works.
If you have 2 same USB drive(same size).
And you clone sector to sector from USB1 to USB2, then it will work.
Is the image file has the same size with the USB?
For example your USB drive 1 is 16GB, and the image file is 16GB?

If it is not 16GB, it is not a sector to sector clone.

Ventoy write data not only to the partition as normal files but also to MBR/partition table/GAP area...

Ventoy is 100% open source under GPL license.
You can modify the source code as you want if it doesn't meet your requirements.
If you think it's because of some check in the code, you can delete it and recompile it.
Or you can use other tools if Ventoy doesn't match your requirements.

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