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【Solved】Replace pluggin configuration (control)

Thank you for your answer saying that it is not possible to have the common option and the specific options LEGACY and EFI.

I therefore deleted the general option to keep only the two options LEGACY and EFI.

Now the control of the LEGACY option is well done but not that of the EFI option

I have two computers. One is old and can only boot in LEGACY

The other is recent and can boot either in LECAGY or in EFI. I chose the EFI mode.

As I thought that the key could be used to boot one or the other computer, I chose the LEGACY and EFI options because I do not put the same value for the computers.

It also seems some O.S. do not use the same legacy and efi boot file.

I want use the same usb key.

I'm not sure if I can write something like this to only have one control section.

conf_replace": [
            "iso": "/ISO/ubuntu-20.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso",
            "org": "/isolinux/txt.cfg",
            "new": "/Menus/Legacy-20.04.cfg",
            "org": "/boot/grub/grub.cfg",
            "new": "/Menus/ubuntu-20.04_grub.cfg"

The syntax is correct. But what about the execution?

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