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Install Ventoy on Systemdisk [IDEA] ?
(10-17-2020, 05:56 AM)longpanda Wrote: Ventoy must be installed in a whole disk (USB drive or Local HDD/SSD disk).
So you can install Ventoy to the D: (Suppose C: is your Windows) and boot Ventoy from BIOS.

By default, Ventoy2Disk.exe will only list the device removable and in USB interface type. If you want you can run from cmd Ventoy2Disk.exe -U then all the devices will be in the list.
In this case you must take care about the list and make sure to select the right disk.

Hi Longpanda, thanks for your answer. If I understood you correctly, it should work like this in my case. Please correct me if I am wrong.
In my notebook I have 2 NVME's.
Dev0 is Window 10.
On dev1 I install Ventoy.
This creates 2 partitions on dev1.
1xVentoy Boot, 1xVentoy Data (big partition)
Ventoy Data partition is then formatted to NTFS, and I then copy the ISO's and VHD's to it.
When I set boot from dev1 in Bios/Uefi, Ventoy starts, right ?

If everything is like this, then it would be a dream. :-)

Ventoy usually takes \ as entry point and lists all ISO\VHD.
Can I also set the entry point to \VENTOYDATA and save the ISO's there, so that not all directories of \ are displayed when Ventoy boots ?

Then everything would be perfect. :-)

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