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Ventoy version upgrade in MEDICAT
I propose a method that I have just applied and that works well.
It is a method intended to upgrade "ventoy" on a MEDICAT usb key created according to the recommendations of JAYRO (with PassMark ImageUSB 1.5 Build 1003).
To update Ventoy in MEDICAT, under Windows 10 :

1/ Download the latest version of Ventoy "" at:
2/ Decompact the archive. You get a folder containing 3 folders "boot", "plugin", "ventoy" and the "ventoy2disk" file.
3/ Go to the "ventoy" folder
4/ Decompress the file "ventoy.disk.img.xz" with Winrar (or other). you get a file "ventoy.disk.img".
5/ Extract the contents of the file ""ventoy.disk.img"" with 7-Zip or WinZip. You get a folder "ventoy.disk".
6/ With a file comparison application (filesync, Syncovery...), compare the contents of the "ventoy.disk" folder with the contents of the "VTOYEFI" partition of MEDICAT. Make a binary comparison that compares the contents of the files and not the creation dates. Only some files differ.
7/ Update the files in the "VTOYEFI" partition with the files different from "ventoy.disk".

To check if the update has been done :
1/ Launch RMPrepUSB (or MobiliveCD or other virtualization program).
2/ Check that the main MEDICAT partition is detected.
3/ Click on the button on the right "Test using QEMU Emulator (F11)".
- 1st window: OK.
- 2nd window: NO
- 3rd window: OK
4/ MEDICAT is launched.
5/ Check the Ventoy version in the top left corner.

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