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Ventoy version upgrade in MEDICAT
(10-11-2020, 01:42 PM)FroggieTheGremlin Wrote: From viewing Medicat's screen shots, it looks like a "standard" VENTOY installation.  I would copy your "master" Medicat USB and try a standard VENTOY upgrade on the copy, if it's offered.  If the developer has all his software on Partition #1, the upgrade should go smoothly since all his visual customization will be located at the ROOT of his DATA partition (Part#1) which does not get affected during an upgrade.

Be forewarned... this is just a guess on my part since I have no plans to download a 25gB USB installation like Medicat... I find Sergei Strelec's implementation more than enough for my use  Shy
Thank you for taking the time to answer me.
MEDICAT partitions are not recognized by Ventoy2Disk.exe as "Ventoy" partitions.
The "update" option is therefore not available. the only possible action is "Install". but clicking on "Install" would destroy the structure of MEDICAT.
As far as Sergei Strelec's ISO is concerned, I find it excellent and I added it on my MEDICAT USB key. In this case, you have to copy the SSTR folder to the root of the MEDICAT partition.

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