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Support for .img files are broken in 1.0.22 ???
(10-08-2020, 12:39 PM)longpanda Wrote:
(10-08-2020, 05:16 AM)mat-industries Wrote:
(10-08-2020, 04:25 AM)longpanda Wrote: Which IMG did you test?
Please refer for supported IMG files.
I have tried self made img files. Created a vhd, installed different operating systems, mostly dos. Then i convert the vhd to img with qemu-img.
All images seams to be fine, but there wont boot with ventoy.
First i will try now one of your tested img files, but for future there will be great to know how to build img files that are bootable. :-)
Is there maybe a howto ?

En, what you said about img file is vdisk file(vhd/vdi/vmdk/raw...)

From Ventoy-1.0.22 linux vdisk boot is supported.

Hello longpanda,
thank you for your answer.
But in my case it is really about img files, because it is not possible to boot MS-Dos from a VHD.
So I converted it to an img.
But I can not start this. If I convert the img into an iso it works.
Unfortunately, if I have an iso, I can't change any files later, but with an img it would work.
Maybe you have the ultimate way for me to boot DOS-HDD's. I would be very happy.

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