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Add Ventoy ISO to a Ventoy USB
It doesn't boot!

Use Ventoy program running on a Windows or Linux PC to create a Ventoy USB.

Then add a Ventoy ISO to the 1st partition, along with any other ISOs you choose.

When you boot the Ventoy USB, it does not boot.

Anyone else seen this problem?
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Can you enter the Ventoy's Boot Menu?
Just some ISO file can not booted or you can't enter Ventoy' boot menu?
Tested in Ventoy v26, current today.

Works!  .... Ventoy USB with the Ventoy ISO is booted. At the Ventoy Menu screen, the Ventoy ISO is selected. The ISO Boots directly to desktop after a bit of a wait.

Curious if Ventoy has plans to allow a feature for Partition #1 to be something other than ExFAT. So easy to have the Ventoy ISO be a toolkit for management of the particulars of disks allocations because the Linux tools for the need are all Open-sourced.

Maybe we could see a GUI desktop for doing all Ventoy management vs just for the disks mentioned above. Idea

Keep up the good work
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