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Compile ventoy
how to compile ventoy to run on one partition and ventoy and iso
Ventoy is designed for two partitions.
UEFI requires a FAT boot partition but FAT32 has a 4GB file size limit.
You would need to modify the source code a LOT and use a FAT32 single partition which would have a 4GB file size limit.
Why do you want it all on one partition?
there is such a product NuttyBoot by dialmak 2.0
I want to update it ventoy
the author himself does not want to update
first section for HP, DELL
dialmak NuttyBoot has two partitions.
Why do you want Ventoy to work with just one partition?

Do you mean that NuttyBoot contains an older version of Ventoy and you want to update it to use a more recent version?
Ventoy MUST use two partitions, first large one for payload files and second FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 one for Ventoy boot files.
I suspect dialmak has recompiled Ventoy so that it will work on a non-standard, 2-partition USB drive.
If you Google for 'compile ventoy' you will find instructions on how to recompile Ventoy as well as on GitHub.

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