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Change the label 1.0.80 BIOS
Dear author of the program.
Tell me, is it possible to change the inscription: "1.0.80 BIOS " in the boot menu.
I want that instead of this label, the BIOS label is displayed if I booted in BIOS mode, and the UEFI label is displayed if I booted in UEFI mode.
Or it may be possible to add such a line.

If this is not possible, then it may be possible to make wallpaper number 1 (or theme number 1) appear when booting in BIOS mode, and wallpaper number 2 (or theme number 2) appear when booting in UEFI mode.

[Image: GrwZhbe.png][Image: 6w45irU.png]
The BIOS/UEFI label changes depending on the mode in which you load the flash drive.
And about the entire inscription, read the documentation carefully. 
  • Ventoy version info
By default there will be a version info string at the lower left corner. For example 
1.0.10 UEFI

This info is hard coded in the source. You can use ventoy_left/ventoy_top/ventoy_color to change its position and color.
If you want to remove it completely, I encourage you to read the source code, modify it and rebuild Ventoy. I think this is also the essence of open source.
If you boot in BIOS mode, it will show:  1.0.80 BIOS
If you boot in UEFI mode, it will show:  1.0.80 UEFI

Look this:
[Image: screen_uefi.png?v=2]
You can specify one theme for BIOS\legacy and another theme for UEFI.
You can specify colour of the string and make it same colour as background to make it invisible.
Your wallpaper can contain 'BIOS' or 'UEFI' in bitmap.

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