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Force WIMBOOT mode for an ISO
I have a set of Windows ISO that don't boot properly in normal mode but boot fine in WIMBOOT mode.
Is there a way to "mark" an ISO file to automatically use the WIMBOOT mode without additional action?

Try this CI release:

It will auto use wimboot mode if the ISO file name contains _VTWIMBOOT suffix. (e.g. win11_english_x64_VTWIMBOOT.iso)
Try the latest 1.0.76 release.
(06-13-2022, 06:43 AM)longpanda Wrote: Try the latest 1.0.76 release.

Thanks and sorry for the late reply.
That seems to work for me.
The current solution is fine but I would probably have preferred being able to do it via a plugin and using wildcard, for example indicating all iso files containing windows need to boot with WIMBOOT.

Anyway, thanks very much for the quick solution.

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