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Original Windows 10 21H2 ISOs based on "install.wim" do not work in UEFI mode(SB off)
Original Windows 10 21H2 ISOs do not work in UEFI mode(secure boot disabled), if they are based on the uncompressed install.wim. This includes updated ISOs from MSDN(see examples below) and the ones that Rufus downloads(vanilla RTM 21H2 from November). On the other hand, ISOs based on the compressed install.esd, like the ones that the "Media Creation Tool" creates, work just fine. Tested on an older Gigabyte Z77 and on a new Asus B560. Result is a blinking cursor above the blue Windows logo, and that's it.

Examples of ISOs that don't work:
  • en-us_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_21h2_updated_april_2022_x64_dvd_a545527b.iso
  • en-us_windows_10_business_editions_version_21h2_updated_april_2022_x64_dvd_38bad9d1.iso
  • en-us_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_21h2_updated_march_2022_x64_dvd_86f47135.iso
Thank you, Sir!
I just test en-us_windows_10_business_editions_version_21h2_updated_april_2022_x64_dvd_38bad9d1.iso in my laptop (UEFI mode) and it works fine.
You can try WIMBOOT mode.

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