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I used aioboot and grubfm to boot bitdefender-rescue-cd.iso, but all failed, even using easy2boot's partnew boot method. Only ventoy booted successfully, but ventoy only supports booting from partition 1 of ventoy disk .I really need your help, give me a code to boot bitdefender-rescue-cd.iso from any partition
This is not supported. Ventoy only support to boot ISO files in the 1st partition of Ventoy USB disk.
BitDefender-rescue iso 2018 boots fine on E2B Legacy and  under UEFI64 with grubfm/agFM ??
(02-02-2022, 10:47 AM)Steve2926 Wrote: BitDefender-rescue iso 2018 boot fine on E2B Legacy and  under UEFI64 with grubfm/agFM ??
link down

set timeout=0
menuentry "${chosen_path}" --class=bitdefender {
set iso_path="${vtoy_iso_part}${chosen_path}"
set SQUASHFILE="/rescue/livecd.squashfs"
if cpuid -l; then set arch="x86_64-efi"; else set arch="i386-pc"; fi
loopback loop $iso_path
linux (loop)/boot/kernel.${arch} root=/dev/ram0 real_root=/dev/loop0 loop=${SQUASHFILE} cdroot_marker=${SQUASHFILE} initrd udev cdroot scandelay=10 quiet splash isoboot=${iso_path} lang=en
initrd (loop)/boot/initfs.${arch}
loopback -d loop

With the above codes, the error in the picture occurs in grub2fm and ventoy fm. Can the masters help to fix this?

Quote:Note: BitDefender 2018 (last version before discontinued) does not mount NTFS or FAT volumes – therefore this method only applies to the 2017 version (683MB) not the 2018 version (852MB).

isoboot does not work in 2018 ISO

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